Balmi Raspberry Lip Balm


I'm forever late to the party. Back in 2012 every blogger out there was raving about 'Balmi' lip balms. The pocket-size neon spheres where all the rage, along with the heavily reviewed EOS balms.
Now it's 2014 and after never giving into the hype wayyyyy back when they first came out, I was in need of a lip balm whilst perusing the aisle in Boots and this cheeky little number caught my eye.

The compact cube doesn't look like your stereotypical lip balm. I like the luminous pink silicone finish, it stands out in the depths of my handbag so it helps me to remember to use it (added bonus, that the bright colour also helps me to locate my keys, darn bucket sized bags!). Due to it's unique packaging 'Balmi' is very hygienic (no finger dipping to be seen here!) while from an aesthetic point of view looking a tad more interesting than your usual lipbalm.

The conical shape of the shape of the balm allows the perfect amount of product to be applied to the lips with one quick swipe. It feels very moisturising  on the lips, which is a must for me. I tend to be very prone to dry chapping lips, especially during the Summer when it hits festival season. All that time outdoors can be a bit too harsh on the skin! The rich moisturising properties are all down to Balmi's formulation. Composed of shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E which leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. It has the added bonus of SPF 15, providing UVA and UVB protection to the delicate skin on your lips.

I currently have mine attached to my keys as that way I know I'll always have it on me. My Balmi will be accompanying me to Glastonbury and on my travels across Europe later on in the Summer, how excting?! I currently own the Raspberry flavour, which is yummy but I do have my eye on the Coconut offering.
It'll be my perfect partner for the Summer worn on it's own or under lipstick. Do you have a favourite lip balm? Have you tried Balmi before or do you prefer the EOS offering?

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  1. These are useful as you can connect to keys and fine it easily in a back of junk. They smell nice too Lucy

  2. I'm hoping to find these at Boots or at Tesco when I do my Sunday shopping. Wish me luck! I've got my eye on the strawberry and raspberry flavours too!!!


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