The First Weeks


Adjusting to life with a newborn is daunting. There's this tiny little human, solely dependent upon you. I was so lucky that my partner, Liam, was able to get four weeks off. That way we could spend a whole month together in a little family bubble. It definitely made it less of a challenge, it's only now that he's gone back to work that I realise what a help an extra pair of hand are. Case in point: I'm currently typing with a sleepy (but not sleepy enough to fall asleep - sigh) 8 week old on my lap! 
Planning days out, meeting up with friends and family and enjoying all of the time we could spend together with Edie was the perfect way to spend her first few weeks in the world.

It's amazing seeing her develop from a tiny, sleepy newborn into a wriggly baby girl. She's such a character and her personality is definitely starting to shine through!


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  1. Hi, doesn't the time go in so fast with a little one?! Gorgeous pics!!! My little man is 10 weeks now and he's growing like crazy, such a whirlwind!:) ☆Laura☆

    1. It really does go so quickly! Didn't believe any of the Mum's that warned me it would fly by. The impact a tiny person has on time is just unimaginable! X


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