Week 36 Pregnancy Update - WE HAVE OUR BABY!


So, this is not an up to date post as we're in mid-April now but at 10:55 am on Saturday the 12th of March we welcomed this little lady into the world - meet my little Edith.

She was just too impatient to wait until her April 5th due date and wanted out ASAP. I'd been in and out of hospital intermittently in the 2 weeks before she was born but her birth still came as a shock to me. I'd convinced myself I was going to reach 41 weeks, I'd just stay at 3cm dilated and need to be induced... Wrong... So wrong! The actual labour itself was incredibly quick, 2 hours 10 minutes according to my hospital discharge papers. It was pretty intense (back labour is not pleasant), the majority of those 2 hours 10 minutes were spent in theatre due to complications. Without the complications I'm pretty sure she would have entered the world in the passenger seat of a Nissan Micra on the back road to my local hospital! That all seems irrelevant now though; she's here, she's healthy and she looks exactly how I imagined she would.

Transitioning into parenthood and being responsible for a little newborn seemed daunting but in reality everything has gone so smoothly. We're both completely besotted with our little Edie, she has us wrapped around her teeny tiny little finger already! 

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