Zara Winter Wardrobe Update


For the past two months I've felt like I've really been stuck in an enormous rut, clothing and style wise. I've not ventured too far from my home and getting changed out of my pyjamas has felt like an awful lot of fuss. Obviously, I've not felt particularly great so that's been a huge factor in my new lethargic attempt at 'fashion', which has mainly involved key items such as; fluffy bed socks, an oversized polka dot dressing gown, cosy leggings, slouchy jumpers and black cami tops.
Another setback that's added to my rather miserable mood as of late, has been the delay from the developers in the purchase of our new home. We were assured that we would be in by the end of October, at the moment the best estimate they can give us is the second week of December. Sigh.

After much soul searching, a therapeutic chat with Liam and a trip to Manchester later, I decided to reassess the situation. I needed to pick myself up, dust myself off, stop feeling sorry for myself and go out there and do what I want. Turns out that what I wanted was basically a bunch of new clothes.

I'm fully aware that I'm now 21 weeks pregnant (Well, 20 +6 as I'm writing this, so pretty much 21). However, I'm still pretty slim and bump is still tiny so I'm taking advantage of that fact and I'm sizing up slightly from an XS to a S and a M in some items. I really despise a lot of the maternity clothes out at the moment, if I can make do with just normal clothes, I will. I placed my order online after trying a few things on in store, so *fingers crossed* all will be ok sizing wise.
I'll update with my favourites after my parcel has arrived but for now can we just take a moment to appreciate this 'Geometric Tote'. Ahhhhh, I'm feeling better already.

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