Week 19 Pregnancy Update


'Your baby now weighs more that your placenta, but doesn't yet have much in the way of body fat. They’ll measure around 14cm long, weigh 240g and will be about the size of a mango. Although they’re still small, it’s possible you might start to feel small movements from your baby as they continue to develop.

Your baby’s arms and legs are now in proportion and moving with more limb control as the cartilage begins hardening to bone.

Their skin is now losing its translucent look and beginning to develop pigment which will determine their skin tone. They will now also be covered in Vernix Caseosa, a thin waxy like substance that helps protects your babies skin from the amniotic fluid.

It’s also possible begin to develop hair on their scalp, although it’ll be white and pigment free as hair colour is yet to be determined. '

How far along? 
19 weeks +3 days

Total weight gain?
Tummy has definitely 'popped' a bit more this week so I'm guessing there has been weight gain, but alas I have no scales. Still able to fit in some size 6-8 pre-pregnancy clothes, so I can't have gotten that big. To me I'm starting to feel much bigger but others are still slow to notice. I'm anticipating a rather huge growth spurt any day now...

Maternity clothes? 
No new clothes, and my tummy still hasn't grown enough to fit into my stripey Topshop dress. Currently scouring Ebay for some bargain maternity buys. I want something nice to wear for our Anniversary, Christmas parties, my Birthday and New Year but I'm trying to be a little bit more sensible with my money - no more frivelous spending, unless it's on baby clothes, then it's acceptable! I want to save all my spending on 'new mummy treats' when I'm skinny again. 

Stretch marks?
No sign as of yet. Using Clarins 'Contour Body Treatment Oil' as that's what I was recommended at the counter, in hindsight it looks like the 'Tonic Body Treatment Oil' is a much more relevant product. Just a tad irritated at the Clarins counter assistant.

Cannot get enough. Constantly tired still, and waking at regular intervals with cramps and aches. Turning over is painful, I'm dreading sleep when I'm further along. 

Best moment this week? 
I managed to get a little creative this week. Me and Liam have come to an agreement, whilst I wasn't sure if I wanted to know our baby's gender and he really, really did, we've decided on waiting until Christmas Eve to find out. I don't want to spoil it too much so I'll do a full post after Christmas to let you know how we managed to keep the gender a secret.

We went on a little afternoon lunch date for healthy smoothies, hummus, pitta and carrot sticks. Delicious!

Worst moment this week? 
Having another hard week. Things were tough with a family member passing away this week, I'd rather not talk about it at the moment. I'm still signed off work, feeling nervous for my heart scan and ECG monitor fitting on Monday.

Miss anything? 
Missing the ability to be able to stand or sit comfortably, I've been in a lot of discomfort and have been experiencing a significant amount of pressure. The only conclusion I can come to regarding why this is happening to me is that my baby is in fact made of lead.

Not as much wiggling as last week. I think I may have felt some shuffles and bumps but it's not been strong enough for anyone else to feel yet.

Food cravings? 
For the first time since discovering I was pregnant I've actually wanted to eat chocolate. I'd been experiencing a lot of nausea and completely gone off most sweet things (most savoury too come to think of it!) so it was rather nice to have a munch on a Galaxy bar. It was a cookies and cream one in case you're wondering. I'm also able to eat full meals again!

Anything making you feel sick or queasy? 
Liam bought a freshly cooked pork joint in our local Morrison's, as soon as I got into the car the smell literally knocked me backwards. I'm sure it was a perfectly nice piece of meat but I just couldn't be near it. That smell. Urghhhh, it's making me nauseous just thinking about it.

 It's a surprise.

Cramping and stretching pains, aching boobs (I swear they're triple their normal size) and heartburn. Coping with the heartburn with multiple bottles of Gaviscon.

Belly button in or out?

Happy or moody?
Generally happy with a few lacklustre days.

Looking forward to?
After I've had my heart checks (echocardiogram and ECG) on Monday (16th November) I get to head on over to the antenatal unit and see my little one wiggling away for my 20 week scan - so excited!
Also purchased another journal to use alongside my Baby B Pregnancy Journal,   it's from Orla Kiely and is pretty beautiful. It will be a more edited down version of my B.B journal and it has lots more space for photos!

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