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| Skyn Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels |

This is the first product I've purchased from the brand Skyn. I've been having a bit a trouble recently with dark circles and puffiness under my eyes. This was induced by far too many late nights, exams, work and the stress of moving house. The reviews online for this product are a pretty mixed bag but I bit the bullet and decided to try them anyway - I wasn't disappointed!

Less than a minute after application you feel the little unassuming gel patches getting to work. They're instantly cooling and refreshing on the under eye area, which was exactly what I needed after a long day running on minimal sleep. The directions say to leave on for 10 minutes, but honestly, they felt so nice and calming on my eyes I kept them on for just under an hour. The only reason I didn't keep them on for longer was that the gel side of the patch had started to dry up a bit so they would no longer adhere to my face. I had to resist the urge to open up another sachet and stick another pair on!

I'm not sure about their claims to help with premature ageing and fine lines in the under eyes area as that's not an issue I have just yet. The puffiness around my eyes was reduced and my skin felt brighter, like I'd had a full 8 hours sleep.
If you're looking for a midweek treat to perk you up, de-puff those bags and keep you going until the weekend then I'd definitely recommend you try them out.

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