Week 20 Pregnancy Update


"Your baby is the size of a mango and now measures 10 inches from head to heel. They are growing bigger and stronger every day. Key senses are still forming, eventually enabling them to smell, see, hear, touch and taste.
You are officially at the halfway stage and you will feel those flutters and kicks any day now."

How far along? 
20 weeks +2 days

Total weight gain? 
Finally weighed myself. I'm now exactly 59kg, this is definitely the heaviest I've ever been. 

Maternity clothes? 
No new clothes, still getting by with my pre-pregnancy wardrobe and the odd few maternity bits. I've noticed that my black Topshop Joni maternity jeans are starting to fade slightly, they're more grey than black now which is rather annoying.

Stretch marks?
No sign as of yet. I've finished using my Re-Gen cream, I wouldn't say I loved it but I have enjoyed using it. Liam picked it up for me, I think it was around £5-6. It definitely made my skin feel beautifully soft and moisturised, I would even go as far as saying that it's improved the overall appearance of my skin. The only downsides with this product for me are: the smell (strong herbal/medical scent) and I personally prefer a more 'luxe' looking packaging. I may go back to it though, it is a bargain price.
Currently using my Clarins body oil and I've purchased some Mama Mio products to try out.

Feeling desperately tired all the time now, I genuinely feel as though I could sleep through the whole day - I don't, obviously, I just wish that I could! Sleep in the evening is still broken and uncomfortable. I'm a front sleeper normally and so all other sleeping positions feel unnatural to me. Considering purchasing a pregnancy pillow to try and ease the discomfort if anyone has any recommendations?

Best moment this week?
I have a few.
First up is this view of the 'Weeping Window' installation outside St. George's Hall in Liverpool city centre.

My sister's 21st Birthday meal up in Leeds. Everything we ate was delicious and I treated myself to a delightfully fruity non-alcoholic cocktail made with fresh passion fruit, mint and lychee. All seven of us gorged ourselves on tasty Thai treats, the cherry on top of a fabulous evening involved my sister being serenaded by the restaurant's kitchen staff and the obligatory birthday caterpillar cake!

Saving the best until last...
We had our 20 week scan on Monday. It's so amazing seeing little bump up on the screen kicking away. Here's a side by side shot of my 13 week scan alongside my 20 week scan, little one has grown an awful lot. It's no wonder I feel tired really!

Worst moment this week? 
Although my 20 week scan was incredible and it was so exciting seeing my little bumplet yawn, wave and stretch on the screen, the sonographer discovered that baby has a 'duplex kidney' on their left side. 
I feel really apprehensive of the possible health ramifications this could cause for baby once he/she is born. I made the mistake of googling duplex kidney and now I'm anxious my baby may have to face potential operations and long term use of antibiotics. Obviously that would be the worst case scenario, apparently they're a relatively common abnormality and depending on how extensive the duplication is it may not bother baby at all. Hoping that everything turns out as uncomplicated as possible *happy thoughts*.

I had my Echocardiogram (fancy was of saying ultrasound of my heart!) and my 24 hr ECG monitor fitted this week. The ECG was really irritating and towards the end of the day it started to make my neck ache. Should hopefully receive my results back in a few weeks but my next consultant appointment isn't until 28 weeks.

We're still not in our new home. The mortgage advisor misspelt my first name on one of the applications (it had been corrected for her 3 times, Katie not Katy) and it's caused a delay. Just hoping to be in before Christmas now.

Miss anything? 
Not really.

Still just wiggles. I feel like there may be faint kicks, it almost feels like popping bubbles but they're just not strong enough to tell. I keep grabbing Liam's hand to see if he can feel anything but they're just too weak.

Food cravings? 
No cravings at all actually. How odd.

Anything making you feel sick or queasy? 
Not that I can recall. I have been getting migraines again so the only nausea I've had has been caused by them and codeine.

Still a surprise, although we will be finding out on the 24th December.

Heartburn. Excessive heartburn. I've been munching on Rennie's and chugging on Gaviscon like nobody's business.

Belly button in or out? 

Happy or moody?
Happy overall. I have had a few down days though and I'm still not back at work which is causing me a tremendous amount of frustration.

Looking forward to?
The next 20 weeks. I'm officially past the halfway point now, wow!

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