Week 18 Pregnancy Update


Can you believe I'm nearly half way?

'At week 18, your baby will be about 14cm long, weighing around 200g and similar to a bell pepper in size.
Their nerves will now be forming a protective covering of myelin which is vital for their nervous system to develop and function properly after birth.
 Your baby is using your tummy as quite a little activity gym by week 18 and doing a whole lot of kicking, rolling and tumbling around. Now that they have developed a grip, they will be grasping hold of their umbilical cord too – a built-in play thing!'

How far along? 
18 weeks and 1 day

Total weight gain?
Not too sure as I haven't been weighing myself, the last weigh in I had was around 3 weeks ago and I was 57.1kg. I've noticed that my lower abdomen is definitely more pronounced compared to last week so I'm guessing the scales will have risen.

Maternity clothes? 
No new maternity clothes. I'm still able to get by with some of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe mixed in with the few maternity items that I do have. I feel like most of the maternity items that I've tried on are much too big, they leave a baggy space where my bump should be!

Stretch marks? 
No sign yet, phewww!

Still suffering from broken sleep, waking up at 3am and 5am with cramping pains. I've been assured by my doctor that this is round ligament pain and will hopefully pass when the baby has moved up past my belly button (but this could be weeks away! *sigh*). At the moment the pain is increased due to the baby finding a cosy spot very low in the pelvic area down to the left, when he/she moves the pain should decrease.

Best moment this week?
Finally starting to get a bump, although you can only really see said bump if I'm lying down on my back.

Went on a lovely trip with my Mum up to The Lakes. It was rainy and foggy, neither of us could walk very far, but it was lovely just to escape and immerse ourselves into the outdoors for a few hours.

Worst moment this week? 
The pain. It hasn't really subsided, I just feel like I'm learning to manage it a bit better. I have medication to help now and I have been taking it, I just feel a bit guilty every time I need to have one. I know the baby is doing great and I wouldn't have been prescribed it if there were any side effects but I still get a little pang of conscience that I should be able to handle this myself, not using pharmaceuticals.

Miss anything? 
I'm not going to lie, I did get a bit sulky on Halloween. I just felt a bit left out being home alone with gingerbread and Tim Burton films whilst everyone else was rather tipsy and gallivanting in fancy dress smothered in fake blood. I got over it pretty quickly though when I realised that I wouldn't have a soul destroying hangover to deal with the next morning. Ahhh, silver linings.

Feeling little wiggles, especially when lying down on my back. Still no definitive 'kicks' though but with an anterior placenta it could take a while.

Food cravings? 
Still no real cravings. I've not been able to eat full meals so I've just been having little nibbles throughout the day.

Anything making you feel sick or queasy? 
I don't feel sick as such, I just seem to have a complete aversion to most things. Yesterday I bought in some brioche buns, Aberdeen Angus burgers, coleslaw, sweet potatoes, sour cream and some ripe avocados with the hopes of making a nice slap up meal for myself and Liam. I made some fabulous (if I do say so myself) smoked paprika sweet potato wedges with a sour cream and avocado dip, as I was cooking the burgers I realised I didn't want any of it. Instead a settled for half an avocado (literally just avocado on it's own!), a buttered crumpet and a mug of de-caff tea.

We should find out at our 20 week scan on 16th November, it's not far off now!

Lower back pain and abdominal cramping. Still feeling tired, I feel conned; I thought the second trimester was 'energising' ?! 

Belly button in or out? 
In, but it's looking a bit bigger than usual which is rather strange. 

Happy or moody?
I'm enjoying a generally much happier week this week. Mainly been resting lots as I'm not to walk around too much.

Looking forward to?
Is it too early to say I'm excited for Christmas? Looking forward to moving into our new home, still no completion date as such but it can't be far off. Have a little peek at the view we get to look out on.

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