The D.I.Y Manicure Gamechanger


'Totally groomed means totally confident. Nails may be small, but they have a big impact on your look and the impression they make'

This was an impulse purchase in Boots. My original Leighton Denny 'Small crystal nail file' had been stood on and shattered *sob* and it was too damaged to salvage.  It's been around two months since I had to throw the remnants of my beloved nail file in the bin and I could take the chipped, flaking nails no longer. Having tried alternative offerings that just didn't cut the mustard I decided it was a definite repurchase job.

The 'Totally Groomed Essentail Nail Kit'  comes with everything you need to have... well, totally groomed nails as the name would suggest!

The crystal nail file glides over your nails, providing you with the perfect shape but none of the 'drag' you can get from other nail files, all while sealing the nail edge. You're able to use the file in a back and forth 'sawing' motion, without causing any damage to the nail, this speeds up my manicures and makes it a million times easier to shape my nails using my left hand.

The 'Renovate Nail Repair Cream' is a real winner. It hydrates polishes and protects your nails alongside creating a waterproof film to help protect nails and allow water to run off the surface. I work part-time in a cocktail bar and my nails can get quite damaged from the alcohol and constant hand washing, I've noticed a real improvement in the strength and texture of my nails since using this, a little seems to go a long way too!

The 'Duplex Buffer' is a double sided nail buffing pad that smooths the nails surface to a perfected ridge free base. Seriously, my nails look so glossy and shiny after just using the buffer I don't even feel like I need to pop any colour on. 

The kit also includes a 'Nail White Pencil' which I'm not sure how much use I'll get from it, as I do prefer to wear colour over natural nails and a 'Hoof Stick for taming cuticles. The kit was in the 3 for 2 offer in Boots so it was a bit of a bargain. Using the file, buffer and renovate cream (alongside my OPI avoplex oil) I've noticed a real difference in the strength of my nails. Before using this kit my nails had turned quite weak and had become prone to flaking, within two weeks I saw a real difference and I can't recommend Leighton Denny products enough. 

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