Boots Botanics Radiant Youth BB cream


My name is Kate and I'm a base addict. Especially bases of the BB/tinted moisturiser variety it would seem. This is the newest edition to my face base stash.

Botanics Radiant Youth BB cream is a a 'subtly tinted BB cream that instantly camouflages blemishes and enhances skin tone to give you a natural flawless finish in one easy step.' 

I love the finish that this BB cream gives. My skin looks radiant and glowing without that 'veering towards sweaty' look. The formula feels smooth and creamy but when blended out with fingers on the skin it feels refreshingly light, and almost cooling.

My skin feels hydrated throughout the day and is protected from the sun by SPF 30. Which makes it great for daytime wear, but not so great if you're going to be taking any photographs as it leaves a ghostly white cast on the skin from the flash.

Swatched heavily on the left side of hand and blended in on the right

Teeny tiny nozzle to ensure you don't use too much product.

A key point to this product that Botanics are keen to highlight is the use of Gingko Biloba leaf extract in the formula.
'Ginkgo is one of natures most trusted protectors. Environmental stresses can cause free radicals that degrade collagen an elastin, which give skin it's youthful structure. Gingko leaves are packed with antioxidants that work I protect from this damage, helping skin look younger for longer.'

Having worked in a health food store I was already aware of the apparent benefits of Gingko Biloba, however I hadn't noticed it being sold in skin care products before. After a quick search on Google (thank you internet) I found details on study that took place at the Chonnam University Medical School, Kwangju, Korea. The trial showed that Gingko Biloba extract taken orally 3 times a day enhances the skins ability to produce fibroblasts, which are responsible for the bodies collagen production. Worldwide studies have also shown improvements in sufferers of Vitilligo after being administered Gingko Biloba. 
I'm unsure of the benefits of applying Gingko topically as a cosmeceutical, it's quite low down on the list of ingredients in the product so we'll just have to wait and see if I notice any difference in my skin while using this.

Overall I think this is a fabulous little product. Shade 'light' is a perfect match for my skin as it's a slightly more yellow toned offering, rather than the pinky toned BB creams that tend to be much more readily available.
Great for normal/dry skin gals looking for light coverage and sun protection.
Wearing it on my face here, stayed on way into the evening. Worn with the 'Stila Shimmer duo - Kitten' dusted over cheeks and temples for an extra 'glowy' effect.

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  1. I need to try some of these BB creams I normally find it hard to get the shade to match but I might have better luck with these Lucy


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