I'm empowered by my lipstick.


Recently I've been embracing all things pink. Up until January I lived an almost colourless life. A wardrobe that provided a plethora of black and grey, alongside the most basic of makeup staples. A quick dash of black liquid liner on the eyes, nude lips with just a touch of lipbalm or maybe, just maybe, a red lip - reserved only for the odd special occasion.

For 2014 I decided to try a much more laid back approach to my makeup, prior to this I was stuck in a rut, too scared to purchase something new in case it 'didn't suit me'. So I never changed.
This year I had a realisation... Does it really matter? Should I really be concerned about what other's will think? If I never try anything new, (specifically in the beauty department but I guess this still holds relevance in most areas of life) how will I ever find out if I like it or not?

Make-up is a creative outlet, it's a hobby. I love that we're able to create, try new things and most of all have fun. For me personally it's going to be all about thinking less and trying more. We shouldn't have to overthink the "but can I actually pull this shade off?" and the "can I wear this colour in the daytime?". If you're loving that neon peach or lilac pastel lip, go for it! I'm pretty sure you'll look fabulous and the confidence you radiate from doing something as small as changing up your lipstick will show on your face and your happiness will be infectious to others.

I challenge you all to change up one thing, let some colour into your life. If lipstick isn't your thing, try a cheek colour? Maybe a smudge of eyeshadow in a shade that you don't normally wear on your peepers, try it. You might want to just wear it while you're tottering around the house and that's fine, just embrace a small change and see the benefits for yourself.

Just a few of my ever expanding collection of lipsticks

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  1. That Kate Moss is my favourite shade ever! Love your blog :)

    helen x


    1. It's gorgeous isn't it?! I feel that it looks really dramatic yet it's still very wearable!
      Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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