My Glasto Photo Journal


Editing this post is currently giving me the worst case of post festival blues I've ever had! This wasn't my first festival, in fact it was my third, but it was my very first Glastonbury. Many of my friends had already been to Glastonbury and filled me with their Glasto stories of what they'd gotten up to in previous years and places they insisted I must check out. I felt like I'd heard so much about the festival that upon arrival I would be well adjusted for the scale and awe of the place... I was so wrong!

Early morning coach journeys, 5am start on a minimal amount of sleep isn't a good look on anyone. One year I will remember not to pack all my bags the night before.

 Scouting out some bargains in the Clic Sargeant bus, we both settled for some rather fetching scarves in between sipping our ciders.

Wandering back to camp with the sunshine on our backs. 

Some snooping around for bargains in the Green Field. I bagged myself a bargain pair of brand new wellies with a fluffy lining for £5, the pair I'd brought down with me were starting to rub so this new pair were very much appreciated.

Liam is actually  47% fairy, who'd have known?


Necessary tent selfie before heading out for the night.

 Beautiful rainbow on our way back to Paines Ground after watching Haim and hanging out with the Hare Krishna. The chickpea and lentil dahl was out of this world, so good.

 Atmospheric sunset before the heavens opened 15 minutes later.

 Another necessary tent selfie before heading out for the night, this time with a smattering of glitter on my peepers.

 The insane spectacle that was Arcade Fire - No words to describe how amazing they were.

Enjoying cream tea up by the Glastonbury sign.

The lovely Tea Ladies trying to negotiate the mud with their trolley!

 Arcadia doing it's thing.

Magical Stone Circle sunrise, such a beautiful moment. I wish I could relive it all again and again.

The best/worst burger I have ever eaten while waiting for our (super late) coach.

Overall Glastonbury was a wonderful experience and something I'd definitely like to do again. I can really see why people come back year after year. It's a form of pure escapism, literally anything goes here. Everyone mingles and becomes this giant 100,000 strong family for 5 days all sharing and creating new experiences with each other. I feel like in my Wednesday-Monday stay I never even began to scratch the surface of what was available to me. Fingers crossed Glastonbury 2015 I will be back for another fully immersive trip into your neon depths hoping to come out with more memories and enough new experiences to last me a lifetime.

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