Skincare Saviours: The Winter Edition


So, these are the products that have prevented me looking like a flaky, grey, 'Walking Dead' zombie this Winter. Here is my ode to my day and night time skin saviours!


So, the addition of Hydraluron is probably of no surprise to any of you beauty readers in the know. Ever since it was mentioned by the fabulous skincare guru Caroline Hirons, Hydraluron has been a firm favourite of every Beauty Blogger and their dog (well maybe that's too far, but you get the picture) - and with good reason. The wonder product from Indeed Labs claims to 'increase skin hydration from below the surface with an ultra=high-quality hyaluronic acid that holds up to 1,000 times it's weight in water. Impressive stuff, no? I'm currently on my third tube of the stuff and can hand on heart say that my skin has never felt so soft and plump.

Korres 24 hour Moisturising and Brightening Cream is my favourite day time moisturiser by far. It's moisturising, softening and has the perfect amount of beautiful rose scent to make the product feel luxurious without being overpowering. I have the normal/dry skin option, as I do tend to suffer with dryness over the colder months but they do make an oily/combination formula which I'm tempted to purchase ready for the warmer weather. I like applying this little gem of a moisturiser in the morning, it's lightweight and easily absorbed providing a perfectly primed base to apply my make-up for the day.

Ahhhhhh, Dr Andrew Weil for Origins - Mega Bright. This inconspicuous little green pot, houses an eye cream of magical properties. I've honestly never used an eye cream that has made such a rapid difference to my horrendous dark circles - they're blue-toned FYI. I've been patting this on in my under eye region, day and night for the past week and have noticed my dark circles have lightened slightly as well as the skin in that area just looking healthier and more radiant. I've not needed to wear as much concealer and feel as if my face looks fresher and somehow more awake than normal. I cannot recommend this enough.

So, that was my 'Day' skincare instalment, stay tuned for the 'Night' addition. How do your skin care products change from day to night?

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