Wishlist #1


With Spring looming I seem to have developed a small obsession towards all things pink. I mean seriously, I never wear the colour, ever. I think this my have been partially due to the fact that until early January my hair was a much more copper hue than the strawberry blonde I'm currently sporting. This meant that pinks weren't always all that flattering on me (read: not at all). With my changing locks I seem to have subconsciously opened the floodgates to all tones of pink items, so I may as well embrace it. Right?!
A definite purchase on this list has to be Nars - Schiap. Just look at how beautiful the swatches are here and here, I need it in my life. Preferably as soon as possible. In fact I'm currently resisting the urge not to buy all the items on this Wishlist. I wonder how long I can hold out?

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  1. I'm going to hold my hands up and say a cheeky ASOS premium order was made last night and the jumper is now in my possession... It's so fluffy and cosy! X


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