Europe: Part 3


Upon arrival in Prague I had to pinch myself, as we travelled through the city to get to our hotel I was completely overwhelmed by it's beauty. The Sun seemed to hang lower in the sky, casting an ethereal glow across the meandering Vltava river. Numerous architectural styles flow through the city, guiding you from one landmark to the next. The place is magical and boy, does it have some interesting history!

As the weather had improved drastically since the start of our trip we embraced the sunshine and spent the majority of our time in Prague outside. There was a lot of walking through narrow cobbled streets and up steep hillsides, of course you can always take the tram if it's too tiring but after being crammed into a tiny train carriage for 4 hours I welcomed the use of my legs. We spent a lot of time in Petřín hill park taking in the views, only venturing out of the Old Quarter in search of food and Czech beer. We met wonderful people and had such a fantastic time, Hungary was our next stop. Budapest had a lot to live up to...

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