Some pretty big news...


So, I've not really been updating this blog as much as I had previously hoped I would. A full time job with nearly 3 hours of commuting each day had left me with what felt like only a tiny window in which to; spend time with the boyfriend, see family, have a social life and look after myself.
Inevitably, my blog has been neglected. I've just felt so drained and unmotivated, writing blog posts and trying to allocate the time to allow me to produce quality posts that I'm proud to put up just felt impossible.  I'm not going to beat myself up about it. As life changes, so do your priorities and my priorities are now set for another major upheaval... After 6 years together me and Mr.S are going to become parents.

My due date is the 5th of April and we're beyond excited! I'm hoping to fully immerse myself in all things baby. My immediate family is only pretty small and I've not really spent much time around any small babies for more than a two minute cuddle and then passed back to their Mum. In that respect, I'm slightly terrified but apparently it's healthy to feel a bit nervous.
I'm hoping that getting back to my blog will help me connect with other Mum's so I can feel a bit more reassured that I'm going to be ok. I'm also looking forward to buying all things baby related and decorating the nursery in our new home.
On a personal level, I think I will appreciate documenting my pregnancy and having something to look back on. I've noticed so many changes within myself already, it must be so easy to forget all these little things - so not matter how tired or grumpy I may be feeling, I hope I'll be able to convince myself to regularly update my little pregnancy posts.

Here's to the first of many more baby posts to come!

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